Flavours of Australia


Flavours of Australia

Eat and drink your way across the sunburnt landscape of Australia with this collection of loved and awarded destinations. Modern Australian cuisine is a melting pot of cultures and flavours, so let us share with you the history of some of the country’s most decorated venues that have helped to develop the iconic Aussie food identity.

Travel from the white sandy beaches of Freshwater to the graffiti-clad laneways of Melbourne and onto the rolling hills of Adelaide. Or wander to the far reaches of Perth’s sunset-over-water views and over to Queensland’s tropics.

Read the stories of some of Australia’s most decorated chefs and rediscover some of our oldest family institutions. Recreate your favourite meals at home and relive your most memorable food experiences with the signature recipes of our most coveted restaurants.

Flavours of Australia celebrates the unique culinary landscape of the country, including indigenous ingredients and beloved local produce.

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